Design, construction and field supervision: serviss hotels of Rezekne academy of technologies, 115 atbrivosanas alley, Rezekne

EXECUTION TIME: 12.07.2018 until August 2018. year
CUSTOMER: Rezekne Academy of Technologies

In Rezekne, Atbrivosanas aleja 115, within the framework of reconstruction of Rezekne Academy of Technologies, we do the following:

  • Dismantling of current partition walls, floor, windows and doors, heating and plumbing installations;
  • Construction of the ventilated facade;
  • Replacement of windows and doors;
  • Construction of indoor networks – heating, electricity, ventilation, water pipe and waste water disposal, light-current systems;
  • Construction of outdoor networks – heating pipelines, outdoor electricity and light-current networks, black water and rain water disposal systems;
  • Improvements of the territory;
  • Indoor finishing works;
  • Construction of elevators and lift platforms for people with special needs.


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